[Breaking News] [2020] [Covid] President Trump Tests Positive for Covid-19

Debian Community News Team team at debian.community
Thu Oct 1 23:57:04 PDT 2020

He might have to hand over power to Pence

First he will give pardons to all his mates in prison, just in case he
doesn't recover

On 02/10/2020 07:33, Se7en wrote:
> The President of the United States, Donald John Trump, has tested
> positive for COVID-19. This is not a joke.
> Despite your views on current affairs, and the man himself, realize
> that the entire Executive Branch is potentially compromised at this
> time.
> The President, and several staff from Air Force One, have the
> Coronavirus. Even if you do not believe in its severity, this is a
> major political shakeup that could lead to foregin aggression by
> hostile nations, the collapse of the standing army, the complete break
> of the chain of command.
> You /do/ get sick when you get CoVid, but you recover. What happens
> when the president is incapacitated for 3 months?
> This is not alarmist, this is fact
> I have no further news to report.
> <https://nitter.net/realDonaldTrump/status/1311892190680014849>

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