NAZI Zenaan Harkness preaches race-war & Genocide in Au

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Nov 30 16:57:00 PST 2020

NAZI Zenaan Harkness preaches race-war & Genocide in Au

If it matters, it's pretty obvious us "fake"-mafia peeps forced the peeps
like Zenaan to preach racism for the edge white peeps ..."

Just so we're clear, you forced Zenaan to be so full of racism and hate-filled religious bigotry?

And you have accomplices?  

Care to name them?

 "...and we've got you
preaching conflict way more directly and clearly..."

My conflicts are defensible in the courts of the neo-liberal democracies. Yours may be not be.

But if anyone here thinks I am the wanna-be terrorist, well, I supplied the ph no.

FREECALL 1800 123 400 - Au Terror Hotline. 

There it is again for those who find English comprehension a struggle. 

You have the last word here.  Previously, Zenaan was controlling what it
The technical term for any cypherpunk - like Eric Hughes! - that can't handle conflict is 
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