NAZI Zenaan Harkness preaches race-war & Genocide in Au

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Nov 30 09:38:12 PST 2020

BS "... So you pretend that  your nazi government put you in a cage for excercising your free speech right. .."

No pretense is required with public court records. And its a Governor Generalate, not quite Nazi yet.  Unless you're a religious fascist trying to incite violence - like Zenaan. 
They just deported some dipshit loser like that - tusk tusk. Such Nazi-like behavior. 

"... Now you changed sides and you are the government. .."

As long as the police exist they can find lost dogs and deport religious fascist scum.

"... That is also the reason why you're constantly posting death threats. You know that government agents like you are above 'the law'.

That doesn't follow - its a non sequitur - otherwise Stiffs dotcom would be a govt website.

Assertions by ' Govt Agent Truthers ' without evidence may be dismissed without examination. 
Thank you for supporting the premise of my post.

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