The friends of jamesd

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Sun Nov 29 22:04:18 PST 2020

There's an old joke gos something like: 3 Nigerian women describe their men, one says "I call muh man Ox, he so strong, can lift anything", the next is similar, the third says "I call muh man Drammm-buie!", when the second says "ain't that some fancy kind o liquor/licka?", then the third replies "that's muh man!"


On Mon, Nov 30, 2020 at 01:01:57AM +0000, professor rat wrote:
> I suggested c-punks might tactically ally with Soros...

Oh yeah!  Thaat's muh anarchist!

> Finally a reward of 100$ USD is offered for the correct dox of Batshit crazy.  We can make a horrible example of him.

Once again bruh - "thaat's muh anarchist!!"  Ooh yeah :D

TFW someone really peeves you off and since you cain't argue the argument, you take stephs to -really- add him to you $10 kill list :D

Finally we know Mat "Da Rat" Cousco's sovereign song (Juan, take VERY careful note, THIS is what happens when you throw off The Rat's groove!):

   The\ Emperor's\ New\ Groove\ Opening\ Song\ (Perfect\ World)-uT4ySwoh27Q

"Winner, not loser"  ;)

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