The friends of jamesd

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 29 04:24:48 PST 2020

The Darkness scribbles

"... And I'm takind a pragmatic approach in the interests of my own people..."

Your " our" and ' my own people " - you mean...?

"... We know your final solution... it's been tried .. allegedly...."

Hey fucknuts, I'm not the one linking to the DAILY STORMER here!

"...If you say there ought be no consequences for selfish divided houses .. complain to the Arabs (of all stripes) who utterly failed the prisoner's dilemma, that is to unify, even with Gaddhafi imploring them to.

Actions have consequences. Israeli's have made their own collective bed. Now they're possibly successfully tidying their own sheets getting business deals happening with their neighbours..."

You're not wired up right, are you. 

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