51% attack implies support for democracy

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sat Nov 28 18:04:27 PST 2020

"... The non aggression principle allows self defense.  You commies started
this, we are going to finish it..."

Jimmy, I am a long time anarchist going back to the 70's writing about democracy in crypto.

You, on the other hand are supposed to be a ' recovering Marxist' , yet one who supports the 

worlds leading Marxist-Communist, Xi Jinping.  Are you commies having another Red Army purge?

"... Self defense has to be collective to be effective, and collective self
defense is apt to become not very libertarian, let alone anarchist, at
all, but the difference is that anarchists intend to impose a just peace
in which the non aggression principle is observed, because of what
happens when it is not observed..."

Sounds like ' Soviet anarchist " propaganda combined with the May-Hettinga- Rothbardian lunacy.
I say the first thing any just peace needs today is the pro-active assassination of Xi Jinping.
Just peace sometimes requires offense-as-best-defense. 

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