jim bell's surreal plans - part 10

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 26 15:55:39 PST 2020

"The "donors" to the system would remain perfectly anonymous, and the "guessers" would likewise be perfectly anonymous, but the organization itself would be made up of real people, who have published addresses, who have simply decided that they have had enough of the current system and are going to participate in a PERFECTLY LEGAL enterprise by the laws of the country, and just DARE the government to try to stop them." 

STIFFS dotcom has yet to be found illegal and apparently has been going since the 90's.  Who dares wins.  And of more relevance to this list here is a c-punk daring US LEO's 

to arrest him 


that was in 2001 - BEFORE 9-11 - here's another in 2003


So there is proof of concept for Jim Bells plans - plans endorsed in 2003 by Robin Hanson and the Pentagon ( PAM FutureMaps )

TIMOTHY " An anonymous computerized market will even make possible abhorrent markets for assassinations and extortion " C. MAY 1992

TIM " I guess now that the Pentagon is setting up a murder pool it can't be illegal for us to do it" MAY. 2003

If all this is surreal then cryptoanarchy is surreal.  Welcome to the surreal global-anarchist revolution!

" ...the premise of 'perfect anonimity'(LMAO!) just keeps magically popping up..."

Only in idiotic corpse-media commentary from walking-dead zombie journalists.  Not only is no anonymity required in the ' Part 10 ' open version but no encryption is either.

"...  2) the claim that a system that would be used to kill high ranking 'government officials' would be regard by the government as a "PERFECTLY LEGAL enterprise" is fully, totally and completely detached from reality ..."

Mike Huben sez it could force the USG underground.
Assassination Politics
Convicted tax evader Jim Bell proposes a system of anonymous ecash awards for the murder of "aggressors", such as IRS agents. See also Crypto-Convict Won't Recant. What he misses is that his system, if tolerated, would merely force government to operate secretly rather than openly..."


As a practical matter the US SS are no longer " Investigating " death threats against protected persons. They are ' Assessing " death threats these days. That's reality for many. 

Your surreal mileage may vary.

"...   In short, from the point of view of a practical means to attack govcorp, bell's plan is a bad joke. .."

Probably why they stopped arresting us and started tolerating such a potentially viral threat. 

"... HOWEVER, bell's plan is the exact kind of thing that government itself would promote as an example of what could happen if the Free World didn't protect itself from Terrorists..."

Yes, well. I wouldn't like to be called Dumb and Cowardly - even in SLATE magazine. 

Re ' Govt agent Trutherism " - if anyone has any evidence anyone here is an agent they should present it since assertions without evidence may be dismissed without examination.

And maybe we should not tolerate any such COINTELPRO accusations here. Finally  - Since there is evidence Assange is a KGB agent any friends of his must be regarded as suspicious. 

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