jim bell's surreal plans - part 10

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at tfwno.gf
Thu Nov 26 14:23:07 PST 2020

	"The "donors" to the system would remain perfectly anonymous, and the "guessers" would likewise be perfectly anonymous, but the organization itself would be made up of real people, who have published addresses, who have simply decided that they have had enough of the current system and are going to participate in a PERFECTLY LEGAL enterprise by the laws of the country, and just DARE the government to try to stop them." 

	1) the premise of 'perfect anonimity'(LMAO!) just keeps magically popping up. This shows a total and complete lack of understanding of the nature of the arpanet, the computer 'industry', big businesses and the government. And just wait for retardphones to become brain implants, a 'scientific' 'achievment' that would be warmly welcomed by technofascists like bell.

	2) the claim that a system that would be used to kill high ranking 'government officials' would be regard by the government as a "PERFECTLY LEGAL enterprise" is fully, totally and completely detached from reality. 

	In short, from the point of view of a practical means to attack govcorp, bell's plan is a bad joke.

	HOWEVER, bell's plan is the exact kind of thing that government itself would promote as an example of what could happen if the Free World didn't protect itself from Terrorists.

	And this sort of propaganda and controlled 'opposition' is perfectly aligned with pro2rat's stream of incoherent pseudo 'anarchist' nonsense and calls to murder assange, the 'rapist'.

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