Wanted: Help to analyze (backdoored) Omnisec devices

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Thu Nov 26 05:56:04 PST 2020

The original cypherpunk mailing list, and the first list spin-off, coderpunks, were originally hosted on John Gilmore's toad.com, but after a falling out with the sysop over moderation, the list was migrated to several cross-linked mail-servers in what was called the "distributed mailing list."[15][16] The coderpunks list, open by invitation only, existed for a time. Coderpunks took up more technical matters and had less discussion of public policy implications. There are several lists today that can trace their lineage directly to the original Cypherpunks list: the cryptography list (cryptography at metzdowd.com), the financial cryptography list (fc-announce at ifca.ai), and a small group of closed (invitation-only) lists as well.
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To some extent, the cryptography list[18] acts as a successor to cypherpunks; it has many of the people and continues some of the same discussions. However, it is a moderated list, considerably less zany and somewhat more technical
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TL/DR - Try the more technical lists relating to specialist cryptography. 

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