MESH the Planet

professor rat pro2rat at
Wed Nov 25 15:30:55 PST 2020

Local yokel anarchists may want to avert their eyes since some things - once seen - cannot be unseen.

Like this fascinating visualization of meshed planet with all-encrypted-all-the-time internet, fully backed up 

and remailed on the hour and regular back-ups made to repurposed server-farms ( yes, Jeff, Mark, Bill and Co, we 

are going to ' nationalize ' all your infrastructure for the UN - United Networks )

"Whose gonna pay for the ocean coverage? " - I hear you say?

The same people who thought they could salt away trillions as ' Tropical Plunder ', also bootstrapping effects.

When our global UBI is up and running I conservatively estimate a regular double-figure growth rate in the world


Now if global peace, plenty and social-justice offends you then try killing yourself before CYPHERPUNK 2027 arrives.

And may your God go with you. 

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