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If you read the unauthorized biography you'll see Mange was clearly warned 

about the Swedish legal system.  Previously, John Young warned him off as early 

as 2007.  I warned him not to go to the NY Times ( after Michael-Gordon & Judith 

Millers shitshow of the early noughties ) 
In October 2016 the embassy cut his internet service after WikiLeaks published a trove of damaging emails from then U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign. Ecuador’s leftist government said the move violated its traditional respect for other nations’ sovereignty.

Shortly after taking office, Moreno dismissed Assange as a “hacker” and said hacking is an activity “I personally reject.” 
Assange responded by saying that Moreno had slandered him as a hacker.
Apr. 2017. Ecuador's President-elect Lenin Moreno warned Julian Assange not to meddle in the country's politics
NEWS story from MAY 10 - 2017. New President Lenin Moreno. 
"We will maintain his [Assange's] political refugee status, but always reminding him that such condition does not allow him to engage in politics, neither in our country, nor in neighboring nations..."
NEWS story from  May 26, 2017 - Moreno -- speaking at a ceremony at Cochasqui archeological site in the northern Andes Thursday -- "respectfully" asked the Australian "not to interfere in Ecuadorian politics, nor in the politics of its allies."
"His status does not allow him to talk about the politics of any country, let alone ours," he said.
NEWS story from Sept. 30, 2017. Moreno has told two international television networks in the past week that Assange should watch his tongue and not harm Ecuador’s relations with its allies.
NEWS story from Nov. 22, 2017. Ecuador Govt statement. Assange has an “...obligation to not make declarations or carry out activities that could affect Ecuador’s international relations, which should be preserved, as in the case of Spain, a country it is united with by historical and cultural ties, as well as links of mutual respect, friendship between its peoples and bilateral cooperation...” 
Nov 22 - 2017. Its being reported today that Assange “has formally committed to observe behavior that is compatible with the will of the Ecuadorian state.” 
NEWS story dated Dec 17, 2017. Ecuador has warned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange not to interfere in Catalonia's separatist crisis, Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno said in an interview published Sunday. "We have reminded Mr Assange that he has no reason to interfere in Ecuadorian politics because his status does not allow it. Nor in that of nations that are our friends. He does not have the right to do so and he has committed himself to this."

You can lead a whore to anarchist culture but you can't make them think.

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