Make it rain, baby girl.

Peter Fairbrother peter at
Mon Nov 23 12:09:45 PST 2020

On 23/11/2020 15:34, John Young wrote:

> She is for this reason a perfect bitch for a perfect genius. 


If you mean Trump, he isn't any kind of genius except maybe as a conman 
and fraudster.

I don't know if you know, but we in the rest-of-the-free-world mostly 
think Americans are stupid and gullible and naive for letting themselves 
be conned by Trump.

And some of us think the conned are afraid to admit they have been 
conned, even though they already know it in their hearts, and that is 
why this "election-fraud" charade is lingering on.


- is a business failure and wastrel. He turned a property portfolio 
which would now be worth $20 billion inherited from his Dad into nothing.

- is not a deal-master; the book was heavily ghost-written, he doesn't 
understand the art of the deal. Or the art of the real, which I just 
typo'd, for that matter..

- was lucky to get elected - the democrats were stupid [1] to go with 
Hilary, as a cuckolded wife there were too many Americans who hated her 
(probably quite undeservedly), and she wasn't enough of a political 
heavyweight or success to overcome that. Trump of course had no 
reputation as a politician, so people could believe whatever nonsense 
about him they wanted to.

- is a fear-monger - make America great again? means America is not 
great now. Oh oh.

- is a liar. Politicians do lie, but Trump takes it to another level. 
"Mexico will pay for the wall"? - never going to happen, but somehow he 
got people believing it.

- is a conman. "Fake news" - a typical conman (or naughty child) trick, 
when you are caught out turn it around on the accuser. The only thing 
fake about the majority of the "fake news" was Trump calling it fake.

- is a fraudster. Where's the money? He can't pardon himself for much of 

- is a spoilt child, who won't face the truth or accept responsibility. 
"Oh no, I didn't lose, it must have been someone else who lost it. By 

"Trumpery" definitions:
[noun] attractive articles of little value or use
[adjective] showy but worthless

Well that's the view from this side of the pond. I liked the white house 
poster - "We Voted. You're Fired".

Maybe some Americans are sane.

Peter Fairbrother

[1] it's not just the US democrats who make these mistakes - the Labour 
party had two "gimme" chances of winning the last two UK elections with 
any center-left candidate, but they fielded the far-left Corbyn who lost.

Then they fielded him again, contrary to usual practice - you lose an 
election, we'll try someone else is the usual way - and he lost a gimme 
election again.

Sometimes people are just obviously unelectable because so many people 
will vote against them - Hilary, Corbyn - and people should recognise 
that. But they don't, they go through their short-sighted internal party 
candidate selection bollocks processes to select the candidate party 
members would vote for, rather than a candidate the country would vote for.

Biden was nearly like that but just scraped through, which is why the 
polls were so wrong; but Saunders would have been too close for comfort.

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