shawn quinn, apologist of crimes against humanity in palestine

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 23 00:26:48 PST 2020

> jews have been commiting crimes against
> humanity in palestine since the anglo-US-jew nazis invaded palestine in the
> 20th century.

Crimes of humanity of even Jews against Palestinians, and even
Islam against all others, been going on for all centuries.
Even by Christianity and Hindu and more... all guilty to more or less.
One can find many books on the subjects, and about which of them
still today posess not just foresworn spoken belief promise intent
teaching ritual and books, but active extant strategies in operation,
and murder in places where they majority rule, as examples of what will
come if you ever let them, including Global Governments, rule over you.

Consider ranking the risks by which among them are most likely
murder you in broad daylight for simply speaking out with
free speech, debating, openly resisting and refusing to comply,
even via beautiful blasphemy of cartoonish artwork.

A risk equivalent to Governments, some of which even rule
today with deadly force like and claiming as governments.
And on that list must also be Media who sway Govts
via swaying people.

Study the comparative literature of them all.
Which Governments and Religions are worse than
the others to living freely.

It would seem much better for a free humanity when all
are scaled way back to relatively irrelavant levels of power
from where they are now today.

All ye blaspheming anarchists, activists, atheists, satanists,
and refusers among you will be murdered, and all ye
following one shall be slaughtered by the others.

"The United Nations passed several resolutions which called upon the
world to take action against the "defamation of religions". The
campaign for worldwide criminal penalties for the "defamation of
religions" had been spearheaded by Organisation of Islamic Cooperation
on behalf of the United Nations' large Muslim bloc."

And so the UN Globalists conspire yet more to criminalize
free speech, this time under guise of religion... so go ahead,
blaspheme, critique, debate, apologize, diminish, denounce,
disavow... Speak Freely and be Merry with it.

Because trying to decipher all this...

let alone claiming for it all to get along with each other,
or that any are exclusively right, will be far harder than
breaking RSA.
While freely speaking to recruiting apostasy of millions
and billions farther away from both will be much easier.

Grab your bullhorns, o speakers of freedom.

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