1984: How Leftists Are Already Trying To Erase President Trump & Change History

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Sun Nov 22 21:09:09 PST 2020


I’m literally sickened by the actions of some in the main stream
media, leftists and their minions in the education system that are
seeking to rewrite history and ostracize anyone that supported
President Donald Trump. Regardless of where anyone stands politically,
everyone should oppose these un-American tactics and disinformation
war against the Commander-in- Chief.

The media, however, along with the help of powerful tech giants, are
doing everything in their power to control the narrative of the Trump
administration and by doing so change the history of our nation.

Sharyl Attkinson’s book Slanted: How the media taught us to love
censorship and hate journalism, lays it out perfectly. She, like
others who are concerned about censorship and the media’s devolving
role in our Republic, compared the situation to George Orwell’s
dystopian novel 1984. She describes the protagonist in Orwell’s book,
Winston Smith, whose job is to edit history for the Ministry of Truth.
Of course, Orwell naturally was describing a society that was
rewriting history with lies and a world where Big Brother was watching

It is essentially happening to our country now, but not by the
dystopian government described by Orwell but by a complex network of
ideologists that are now in control of some of the most essential
industries to America’s freedom.

Look at this headline from Yahoo. It is the first headline from the
publication’s Friday story revealing Donald Trump Jr’s diagnosis with
COVID-19: Former reality TV show host’s son tests positive for
COVID-19, by Patrick Gomez.

What an insult to the American people and to President Trump. Yes, he
is still the president of the United States. What was the point of
this headline and others like this but to slowly rewrite history and
to erase this President and the administration’s achievements.

Benny Johnson is right “the media is already trying to erase the fact
that he is President.”

    This is a REAL HEADLINE from @Yahoo about @DonaldJTrumpJr testing
positive for Coronavirus.

    They refer to @realDonaldTrump, the sitting President of the
United States as “Former reality TV show host”

    The Media is already trying to erase the fact that he is
President. pic.twitter.com/IQZewLsd5d
    — Benny (@bennyjohnson) November 21, 2020

This didn’t just start after the 2020 election.

This has been happening since Trump became the Republican candidate
nominee in 2016.

Think about the last four years of Trump’s presidency. Think about the
onslaught of lies against him in the media. In fact, the outrageous
lies that were perpetrated against Trump, his campaign and the White
House before, during and after his 2016 election. The Russia Hoax was
truly a conspiracy against the President by former senior Obama
Administration officials who didn’t want him in office. They
weaponized both federal law enforcement and the intelligence community
against him and then used the media to spread the lies that were later
proven to be false by investigations conducted by those of us who
believed in seeking the truth.

This is the truth about the 2020 election: 73 million Americans voted
for Trump, the most of any Republican President in history. Moreover,
if you, like me, believe that there may be a significant chance that
this election was plagued with enough fraudulent behavior that only a
thorough investigation could ever uncover, then he may have garnered
the most votes of any American President.

If Americans don’t start demanding better we will only have ourselves
to blame for what will come in our future.

It’s not going to end with President Trump. Others will be the target
of these actions in what is truly becoming a new dystopian world.
Republicans and Democrats alike that don’t fit the mold of this new
shadow government will meet a similar fate.

The actions of these leftists Marxist ideologues embedded in our
nation’s schools, combined with left leaning social media platforms
and their virulent spread of these unAmerican ideas is what we have
been witnessing.

I certainly hope we wake up, expose it and stop the infection before
it kills our liberty and shreds our Constitution.

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