Anarchists to Rothbardian thieves and liars - GET OFF OUR LAWN.

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 22 19:51:23 PST 2020

"...  actual fucking Rothbardian anarchy, not that statist commie black-block crap that passes for it these days, and, well, world domination.  Punks these days give millennialism a bad name. Get off my lawn...."

Not even Murray Rothbard was stupid enough to think he could get away with stealing the good name of anarchism forever ( Sear " Mises, Rothbard, Anarchy " )

Mongo was stupid enough to join these sorry losers - councilists - Situationists - Autonomen and Communizers who also tried. They all tried. They all died. 

Thieves never prosper. 

As for statist, commie, anon-bloc crap, well there is a lot of that. Why I'm planning on spending the next six years getting the red out. 

If I fail in that Het can have his pocket astroturf lawn back.

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