Make it rain, baby girl.

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I am black block

But I am not one dimensional

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> Make it rain, baby girl.
> Geodesic Culture
> Robert Hettinga
> Seafeathers Bay, Anguilla, BWI
> November 22, 2020
> A long-time friend and I have lunch every Saturday.
> We go sit in a beach bar here -- these days the beaches empty, the views
> as preternatural as ever -- drink fizzy water, no, really, decrepit
> diabetics like me like fizzy water, and, as I used to joke when we started
> this, well, tradition, plot world domination. We talk about business,
> mostly, current projects in general, making, hacking, and otherwise.
> Hardware, software, wetware. Guy stuff for geeks.
> Wetware as in the stuff between your ears. Mind outta the gutter. Perverts.
> In these days of pandemic-panic-porn-induced incipient global collapse --
> both the empty beaches thing in what used to be the kickoff of high tourist
> season around here, but also what could fairly be called a US electoral
> fight for the survival of western civilization -- one can say ‘world
> domination’ with a tinge of anger in one’s voice about the other side, so
> the joke isn’t very funny anymore.
> Besides, both of us are way too old for that world domination shit
> anymore. We’re lucky if we can hobble off to a beach bar, have a chicken
> caesar for lunch, and get home in one piece. Well, I am, anyway. He seems
> to be doing better. I need some new knees, among other things, which I’m
> not likely to get anytime soon here in formerly-libertarian paradise, and
> short of an unaffordable medical airlift to the States, practically
> impossible in any case with the quarantine, I’m not going anywhere anytime
> soon.
> So, at the moment, my friend is desperately trying to keep his eyes from
> rolling back into his head. Because he’s driving.
> I’m trying to explain to him, in as much detail as I can muster as he
> swerves his not-quite-a-pickup around a pothole, the current state of play
> in this whole business with the Universal Voter Fraud, and the Soros guy
> who’s now a life peer, and Chavez standing over the guy with the keyboard
> changing the numbers on a constitutional referendum giving him absolute
> dictatorial power, and... Wait, he says, these machines are hooked up the
> the net?? Well, yeah. I think, anyway... That’s bullshit. I can’t believe
> that for a minute. Nobody’d be that stupid. Well, anyway, they did a rush
> software update the night before the election, so, what, FedEx and flash
> cards? And it’s running on, what, Windows 7? Oh, come on. No, really.
> Pretty sure...
> I mean, I’m not even sure Windows 7 had internet sockets in it, or
> whatever, I’m a Mac guy, bleed in five colors and all that, no, not those
> five colors. Pervert. But that’s how fun things here in the Year of Our
> Lord 2020. As John Batchelor, The World’s Last Gentleman, no, really, look
> at his little videos on Instagram these days, liked to say during the
> once-and-future GWOT, “In war, the first three reports are wrong.” And
> we’re only two reports in. Maybe one and a half.
> My friend and I are old-school cypherpunks, you see. And no, crypto
> doesn’t mean “cryptocurrency”, it means “strong cryptography”. We even
> started a conference here on what I called “financial cryptography” a few
> decades back, so we even get to claim at least passing familiarity, if very
> dated in my case, and fuzzy at the best of times, with the idea of machine
> security in the presence of a, cough, global geodesic internetwork.
> On cypherpunks, back in the day, it was all about spooks, crypto
> protocols, financial and otherwise, rubber hose attacks, more spooks,
> actual fucking Rothbardian anarchy, not that statist commie black-block
> crap that passes for it these days, and, well, world domination.  Punks
> these days give millennialism a bad name. Get off my lawn.
> So, I’m very prepared to believe Sidney Powell.
> I just saw a NewsMax clip on YouTube(spit!) where she says she’s gonna
> kick off the fun in Georgia, and, she says, it’s going to be biblical.
> Make it rain, baby girl. Make it rain.
> The fate or Western Civilization is in your hands. No pressure.
> --
cari machet
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