James D is an ex-Marxist who likes Xi Jinping and hates anarchists

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sun Nov 22 01:48:16 PST 2020

I don't get it. Why even the mention of what religion they are? What the
hell does being Jewish have to do with anything, except for possible
justification of anti-Semitic slurs when correlated with (perceived) wealth?..."

Antisemitic slurs are baked-in when Marx expressed them every decade of his adult life.

Presumably jamesd imbibed them during his Marxist phase. His Marxist phase that is 

ongoing in some respects.

Karl Marx, Capital, Volume One, Part II: The Transformation of Money and Capital CHAPTER FOUR: THE GENERAL FORMULA FOR CAPITAL: "The capitalist knows that all commodities, however scurvy they may look, or however badly they may smell, are in faith and in truth money, inwardly circumcised Jews ..."

Jamesd is an OG - but he dishonors this list with his Commissar-like behavior. 

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