ForSale: Arecibo Radio Telescope - Own the Ultimate Nerd Toy for Galactic $BTC Tx

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Nov 20 07:17:34 PST 2020

For immediate listing and redistribution...

The iconic world recognized Arecibo Radio Telescope is for sale.
US Gov won't assume risk to save, presents unique corporate /
nonprofit opportunity.
Send bonafide privatization offer to the NSF ASAP.


Older model, runs good, newer updates, many parsecs still left in her,
needs work, as is where is.

Bitcoin-BTC at all time highs, cash in a few chips,
pitch kind Buffet types for grants, etc.

Potential negotiated price: $0 + restoration + future public timeshare
allotment - future public private timeshare revenue - concession for
deploying expert crypto adoption team to Puerto Rico (including
permanent 0% capital gains tax, international independence to develop
PR crypto economy) - Contact 2 and Bond 30 film royalties.
Buyer to assume ground restoration liability.

Suggested parts list...
A few helicopters, a team of suicidal cable riggers and ground
workers, 150m sectional scaffold with hydraulic jacking stage,
hydrogen balloons, concrete mixers, rebar, roughly 20km of
various size cable, robotic cable crawler, drones, one steel
j-hook with throat 20cm ID x 35cm OD x length 150cm with cable
termination blocks, hydraulic shears and cable crimpers, pulleys,
boring machines, aluminum sheet, watercolor paint for roulette
wheel casino advertising space, solar array, led lights for street
effects at night, etc.

Mechanical data...
900 ton x 150m high x 305m diameter
per pylon - 4 main cables, 3 aux
cable breaks - one pylon: 1 main outer left, 1 aux All access drone 1 drone 2 drone 3 drone 4



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