Cryptoanarchy marks a post-nation state world order

professor rat pro2rat at
Thu Nov 19 11:20:47 PST 2020

If a house divided against itself cannot stand then the Great Satan is not long for this world. 

And since its a rapidly warming world we may also burn down the masters house with the 

masters matches.  The next superpower is waiting in the wings ready to take over the reins.

Global public opinion, online all the time.  Now active enough - informed enough and self-aware

enough to rapidly establish a new world order by ( Cypherpunk ) 2027.

Cryptoanarchism - for want of a better term is good. Cryptoanarchy works. Cryptoanarchy for 

economics, politics and even cosmological science.  Cryptoanarchism clarifies, cuts through and

captures the rapid evolutionary spirit.  And cryptoanarchy, you mark my words ladies and gentiles

will not only save the best traditions of that ailing US corporation, but the best traditions of the UN.

( United networks )

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