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Thu Nov 19 03:41:54 PST 2020

"We Are The People" - German Protesters Clash With Police Over New
Coronavirus Restrictions

Thousands of demonstrators on Wednesday protested against the German
government's attempt to enact additional coronavirus restrictions.
German police were forced to unleash water cannons and pepper spray to
disperse angry crowds in Berlin's government district, according to
Deutsche Welle (DW).

Around 190 protesters were arrested, and nine police officers were
injured after clashes in central Berlin. Police said large crowds
ignored repeated calls to wear face masks and practice safe social
distancing - though none of the requests were followed by protesters.

"Police calling on demonstrators to leave. Lots of booing.
Demonstrators want to access cordoned-off area around parliament where
new additions to infection law are being debated [at the moment,],"
DW's Nina Haase said.

    Police calling on demonstrators to leave. Lots of booing.
Demonstrators want to access cordoned-off area around parliament where
new additions to infection law are being debated atm. #1811
    — Nina Haase-Trobridge 🇪🇺 (@NinaHaase) November 18, 2020

In a series of tweets, Haase described the chaotic scene outside the
Brandenburg Gate. She said demonstrators chanted, "we are the people,"
adding that many were singing the national anthem as they held the

    Bizarre scenes: “We are the people” shout demonstrators. Police
repeat calls to leave the area. Demonstrators not budging. Singing
national anthem. But placards also call for scientists to be thrown
into prison. Police have warned to make use of water cannons.
    — Nina Haase-Trobridge 🇪🇺 (@NinaHaase) November 18, 2020

Police were seen moving in on demonstrators, using large vehicles
outfitted with water cannons. She said, "police called on
demonstrators to stop attacking police officers."

    Police moving into crowd in front of Brandenburg gate. Police call
on demonstrators to stop attacking police officers
    — Nina Haase-Trobridge 🇪🇺 (@NinaHaase) November 18, 2020

As water cannons soaked demonstrators outside the Brandenburg Gate,
riot police also moved in protesters, pushing them back away from
government buildings. Twitter handle "SecondOpinion" shows the angry
mob from an elevated view.

    Belarus? Hongkong?
    No, it's Berlin today.
    Protests against the new
    German Infection Protection Act
    — SecondOpinion (@DaFeid) November 18, 2020

Absolute chaos on the ground.

    Nicht #Minsk nicht #HongKong das geschieht HEUTE in #berlin
#b1811. #polizeistaat #Gewalt gegen friedliche #Demonstranten
#pfefferspray #diktatur #coronavirus #CoronaDiktatur
    — OCN (@OktayTR57) November 18, 2020

    Dispersión de la manifestación en #Berlín. 18/11/2020#Alemania El
tiránico régimen de #Merkel, que se aferraba a la silla de la
Canciller con dedos azules, dispersó la manifestación de destacadas
personalidades. manifestantes contra las restricciones del
#coronavirus en Berlín
    — DerrotarSistema (@DerrotarSistema) November 18, 2020

    Hier die Situation zwischen Brandenburger Tor und Bundestag kurz
nach dem ersten Einsatz des Wasserwerfers:
    Viel Pfefferspray und mehrere Festnahmen. Polizeibeamte werden mit
"Schuldig"-Schildern und einem Regenschirm angegriffen. #b1811 #Berlin
    — Raphael Knipping (@RaphaelKnipping) November 18, 2020

The protest was sparked by Germany's lower and upper houses that
passed changes to the country's existing infection protection law. The
changes allow government officials to impose new social distancing
restrictions rules on mask-wearing, and regulations of when businesses
can open and close.

In recent weeks, Germany has seen a sharp uptick in new infections.
About 17,600 new coronavirus cases were reported in Germany on
Wednesday, bringing total infections to 833,307.

The coronavirus pandemic is turning out to be an era of mass social
unrest worldwide. As the second virus wave ravages many western
countries, people will rise up against these draconian measures.

Is the US next to see a wave of social unrest as new restrictions are
being reimposed?

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