1984: FCC to Take Moar Spectrum from Auto Industry for Super 5G

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 00:34:32 PST 2020

> Ars Technica: FCC takes spectrum from auto industry in plan to “supersize” Wi-Fi.
> https://arstechnica.com/tech-policy/2020/11/fcc-adds-45mhz-to-wi-fi-promising-supersize-networks-on-5ghz-band/

45MHz not quite enough to take...

Consider is the "owners" of autos will be able to surgically take
remove the RF, phone home, remote shutdown, face scanning,
datalog reporting, geolocating, mandatory bio-ID backed paid
subscription required, internet watchdog timeout... spectrum...
from "their" cars chassis... while not bricking the vehicle in the
process. An aftermarket harness swap you say? Brilliant!
Sir, we stopped you not for speed, but because "your" car was
not responding to our global 5G PKI cert probe database,
we're going to have to put you in civil forfeiture.

No worry, the NWO Great Reset model which you all "voted" for is
no ownership, no mods, just a cute little autonomous car economy
app running on your track phone... use your central bank digitally
tracked cryptocurrency and the nearest available swanky Corona
supersharing chariot will be there in one minute to track all your
travels with all your friends inside bumping to the Lady Gaga program,
and the cabincam nonnegotiable datasharing agreement streaming
you all to FaceTube as happy propaganda... unch unch unch.

But only if Alexa heard you being politically correct at
work all week and praying to the State each night, else
the Social Score will kick in and leave your sorry Friday
night ass at home with nothing more than a trunkload
of Govt delivered social[ist] charity cheese to survive on.

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