Cecelia Tanaka knows so much about death and lies

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 16 17:23:10 PST 2020

She knows this from constant practice with WW2 revisionism. 

Sometimes the subject of doing harm to avoid greater harm comes up in the abstract.

Micro-managerial swine, like James Burnham and James Donald , like to gasbag about 

imaginary trollies and so on.  Timewassters gonna waste.

When this sort of sociological crap I'm reminded of the old expression, 

" Oh, you have a moral problem - thank fuck its not a real problem "

And that brings us back to Cecil and her lies about death.  In order to destroy any

chance of a Nazi nuke perfectly innocent Norwegian civilians were slaughtered. 

They even made a Hollywood movie about it starring Kirk Douglas. 

WW2 provides a similar example, on a larger scale, with the perfectly justifiable bombings

of Dresden, Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Since these are all non-controversial its only natural to raise them in response to

poorly informed criticism of cryptoanarchy in general and APster in particular.

There is no qualitative difference in these arguments!

And these arguments may persuade any properly instructed jury. 

I rest my case. If people feel spammed by me they are welcome to filter as I have already 

filtered several Nazi-type scum on this list ( Gramps, Harkness and Batshit )

Anarchists don't force their views down peoples throats. But at the same time NO anarchist

is obliged to respect the free-speech rights of ANY known fascist.  

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