Crypto plus anarchy

professor rat pro2rat at
Mon Nov 16 13:41:57 PST 2020

Frank Braun, a privacy extremist and a Paralelni Polis old-timer, explains the differences between the philosophies. “The cypherpunk movement is about using technology to provide more privacy and anonymise interactions; and anarchy pushes for personal freedom with minimal or no interference from the state. Cryptoanarchy simply brings those two together.”

This is fine up to 1996 - after that it limits our degrees of freedom.  Cypherpunk revolutionaries fight for 

cryptoanarchism where ' crypto' and ' anarchy' are increasingly seen as just ' anarchism ' in its latest

and greatest incarnation since 1936.  Its not just technology now either - recent advances in physics and cosmology

strongly indicate a crypto-anarchist universe ( Wheeler - Lloyd - CK Rhodes ) and ' anarchy ' can't be read so 

narrowly for us. After all, Bakunin said, " Freedom without anarchism is privilege and injustice "

We also don't accept the continued existence of any state ( or theocracy ) Frank Braun and his ilk might be

just talking about tax-dodgers playing silly word games devoid of meaning just to pass the time.

Perhaps like a ' Good soldier Sjek " only without the wit, charm, good-looks or intelligence.

Anyway, these rubber-cZech losers have been warned.  GET OFF OUR FUCKING LAWN.

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