US fascist elon musk and his lackeys jim bell and "pro2rat"

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Mon Nov 16 12:48:51 PST 2020

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> "...Thanks for fully proving that you're a dishonest clown =) 
> You are assuming that I was obligated to believe you.    Idiot.  ..."
> Jim is too kind - this lying, anarchist-hating, NAZI scumbag has earned killing. ( My 200$ )

	anybody with half a clue about political economy and liberal philosophy (let alone real anarchists) knows that elon musk is "the king of crony capitalists". Here are some plain references

	In turn people who are crass lackeys of musk, like jim bell, are anything but libertarian. Now, the fact that jim bell is a musk lackey is hardly surprising since bell is a 'technology' worshipping technocrat - not a libertarian and even less of an anarchist. 

	For more evidence of bell's fully anti liberal views here's the enginer cheering the use of thermal cameras for government surveillance with the excuse of the non existant flu 'pandemic'. Yes, bell is brazen liar, parroting to the T the government lies about the flu farce and advocating governmetn surveillance. What a fine 'cypherpunk'!
	Jim Bell's comment:And they are only doing this as of June 23?  Can you say, "idiots"?" 

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