USA 2020 Elections: Thread

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Sun Nov 15 23:19:52 PST 2020

On 11/16/20, jamesd at <jamesd at> wrote:
> They have been steadily getting more dramatic since 1906, and lately
> have been getting dramatic faster and faster.

Is there vid / doc link of such dramatics since 1906?

> there will be a civil war in a few years regardless.

For this year at least, the US is entering winter, that
will chill street level flareups in weather pattern regions.

> If you take the long view of history

There are lots of scenarios, and the US is not unique,
Rome, Soviet Union, and everything else in history
fell and will fall, only question is when, and how.

People in the US seem to have more quiet distate of
their Govt than of each other, and to have at least
some smarts about what Govt is doing to them.
Perhaps consider as such, that if something goes
down in the next 0-20yrs, it may have a larger
Revolution component than a Civil War component.
And there is talk of states seceding, which should
be a totally voluntary thing and occur without any trouble,
but history shows different.

The US has a shitload of guns, so have popcorn and
newsfeeds ready, if it goes hot, it could be a really
short movie. Lol.
(And the civilian Right has more practice with them.)

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