OPEN WAR is upon you

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 15 22:32:02 PST 2020

I'll be as blunt with you as I am with the US govt - you better surrender. The longer 

you drag things out the worse it will be for you.  Any and all adherents to the lamers 

" Cyber-Liberty ' conception of anarchism put forward by that world-famous NAZI

Timothy C. May will be progressively rounded up and subjected to the JUSTICE 


Anarchists have a lot of practice seeing off those who try and steal its good name for

their pathetic, self-aggrandisement, Marxist fascism or Right fascism. We kill rotten creeps 

like jamesd, Tim May, Julian Assmange, Batshit-crazy, Z, Harkness and Gramps, all the time.

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