USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Sun Nov 15 17:52:22 PST 2020

On 11/12/20, jim bell <jdb10987 at> wrote:
> I for one think these allegations of vote fraud need to be investigated,
> even if they are not expected to change the outcome of the race.

Yes, investigate all the various claims.

Some will be found true, others false, no one will
go to jail, millions of $USD stolen from people's
wallets will have been spent in the process, and
nothing will change, other than Govt figuring a
way to wring more power from it.

Libertarian types here know that.

The US Trump Reps/Right was a fun play for
journalling, a bet that turned winner, at least
in a shitshow way and for any correct elements.
So many things in the US were exposed,
people could make a big list of them all,
with surely more to come before whoever
is installed as President.

The Media+Social Bias and Censorship
would be in top five on such lists, plus
Corona theatrics on par with 9-11 hysteria, etc.

And whole new generation got to see and become
disenchanted with the ridiculousness of Governments.

In 2024, the US Libertarians could be a fun winner,
on principles, even of a lot more actual elections for once,
and get a lot of journos on the Libertarian scene, if they
could, as before, ever form and execute on a platform...
instead of the entire LVA-etc space foolishly arguing
amongst itself on who's 1-20% authoritarian or whatever
other arguments, partying, etc... one that embraces
that they're all 80% better than world politics today, and
then running on that commonality. Work the rest out
later after making the world that much less full of
the big Governments that always start and corrupt
things, like the 2020 US Election mess, wars,
and the world in general.

Even if the US Republicans are closer to Libertarians
thus easier for Libertarians to win over, Libertarians still
have to fight on two fronts as do US Reps/Dems
- for themselves
- against the rest of world

While playing spoiler is always fun...

Not even New Hampshire, home of the "Free State Project"
that is now 20 years old, could muster even 2.5% in State election.

So it's long past time Libertarians, Voluntaryists, Peace Love and Anarchists,
cryptos, ancaps, and all the other terms that together embody 80% less
Authoritarianism and insanity, and 80% more actual freedom,
than the state of the world today... actually get together as a larger
solid group and start WINNING WINNING WINNING ;)

So that this page becomes 100x larger in 2024...

Otherwise it's all just wasted talk and circle jerk
that won't bring anyone in the LVA space any closer
to whatever any of them want.

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