For all those who can't handle the anarchic internet

jamesd at jamesd at
Sun Nov 15 16:06:03 PST 2020

> On 11/15/20, jamesd at <jamesd at> wrote:
>> In order to do anything, you need space to do it in and stuff to do it
>> with, and when many people are cooperating in a space with stuff people
>> are going fight over whose space it is and whose stuff it is.

On 2020-11-16 08:14, Karl wrote:
> If anybody needs more space, more stuff, or any other kind of help,
> find a way to let the rest of us know.  We're working together, we're
> resourceful, and we can find enough for everyone.

"Why are you excluding us" tends, in practice, to be rapidly followed by
"You don't belong here. If you don't like what we are doing, go build
your own place.

Soon thereafter followed by a second round of "why are you excluding us".

Observe how fast the founders get kicked out once they agree to an open
source code of conduct.  Similarly, reflect on so many cities and
suburbs now occupied by people who did not build them and cannot
maintain them, as for example the ruins of Detroit, Nasa, and America's
nuclear arsenal.

In order to get anything done, you have to exclude bad people, and bad
people do not carry an unambiguous label on them, so you have to exclude
people who profile as bad, regardless of the (unknown and suspect)
content of their character.

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