Killing Karl

professor rat pro2rat at
Sun Nov 15 08:03:54 PST 2020

"... By "double agent", I meant that while throwing shit everywhere, you
are also communicating with us [and that this doesn't always end
well].  We're already all calling each other out as disruptors etc.

Would you be willing to keep to one thread more with me, for the rest
of the list to manage their email better? ..."

That depends. Several c-punks have been jailed and had list activities mentioned in prosecutions.

Any agent allegations need to be backed up. " Put up or shut up ". Also I will stop throwing shit 

when you stop.  You first. 

"... Community folks are looking for how to guide their communities so that
they don't get fucked up.  We do not accept being pawns in
international games. .."

Don't you mean ' VOLK "?  And you prawns are already fucked up to judge by your admitted grouping.

" National borders are not even road humps on the information superhighway ' 

Old cypherpunk proverb

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