Jamesd more left-fascist weasel than human

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Sat Nov 14 01:05:46 PST 2020

Okay, its good we already established jamesd is honest and open about his deep love for genocidal Marxist communist 

dictator, Xi Jinping.  Scratch a Trot and you find a Stalinist everytime.  And now the ' recovering' ( snerk) red-fascist is

 trying to weasel out of being an anarchist-hating Trotskycon in the foul and vile Christopher Hitchens tradition.

"... anarchism is for this world, not the next, and you are going to
encounter the contradiction in this world, which in Catalonia was
resolved by actual anarchists being killed by actual "anarcho"-socialists. .."

So we are supposed to believe crypto-anarchists are actual anarchists as opposed to ' anarcho-socialists ' , a term used 

by Jamesd and no one else I know. He's like one of those creepy Marxists that tried to colonize anarchism - council-

commies, situationists, autonomen, communizers...they all tried. And like Mongo the anarcho-thief, they all died.

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