James A. donald is a cryptoanarchist-hating, Marxist-at-heart.

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Wed Nov 11 21:02:18 PST 2020

Why does Jamesd hate our cryptoanarchist freedoms so much he won't APster any known commies?
Xi Jinping needs killing ( My 200 yuen )
Jamesd's circle-of-eunuch seniority must be up in the stratosphere by now. I wouldn't want to perturb its flotation. 
But we're about to come under a spotlight and I can't work with Marxist ( or inverse-Marxist libertarian ) morons.
For Jim Bell, the more exciting question was: “How can we translate the freedom afforded by the Internet to ordinary life?”
I think that blockchains will replace armies for national defense, because a blockchain-based assassination market will be created…" Zach. CryptoGo    
To launch attacks under favorable circumstances is not only every anarchist revolutionary’s right, but their plain duty. The killing of spies, policemen, commissars, the blowing up of police stations, the liberation of prisoners, the seizure of government funds for the needs of the uprising—such operations are already being carried out wherever anarchist insurrection is rife.

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