My apologies Tanaka

Cecilia Tanaka cecilia.tanaka at
Wed Nov 11 08:52:30 PST 2020

Oooh...  Afraid to menace me publicly, Matt?  It's sooo sweet...  :)

I do _not_ respect cowards.  Aff...  Go you also to the SPAM filter, noisy

Wait for my death, please.  Probably, it will be sooner and more
interesting than expected.  My way, not yours.  <3

Bye baby bye...  :)

On Wed, Nov 11, 2020, 13:37 professor rat <pro2rat at> wrote:

> Read archives.  Does the expression " Lie down with dogs - get up with
> fleas " mean anything to you?
> No justice - no peace. I disagree with what you say and will defend that
> to your death.
> Please don't write to me ever again. Tia.
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