Help sought

Zenaan Harkness zen at
Tue Nov 10 18:25:42 PST 2020

7) As is widely seen, the empowered mob contains individuals who do not take kindly to criticism, and often react violently to -effective- criticism.

The most effective criticism are implied yet indisputable truths delivered in comedic form, e.g. memes of visual or textual or musical etc form.

So, in the AP world, the most effective meme-sters shall be swiftly targetted.

Even the DemRats are now beginning to be targetted:

   A marauding pack of, uh, "ideas" smashed up another political office over the weekend.

because as some have thankfully reminded us, the left always eats its own.

AP is nothing but a turbocharged "tool of the left".  Use or otherwise build that at our collective peril.

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