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On Tue, Nov 10, 2020 at 02:34:08AM -0500, grarpamp wrote:
> Making the vote irrelevant makes secession relevant.



 - the people
   - axis of IQ
   - axii of "qualities": diligence, persistence, conscientiousness/
     empathy, more

 - the political class

 - the bankers engaged in a ~$500 trillion debt ponzi regime

 - the "holders" of that debt
   - the bankers named above
   - sovereign wealth/pension funds
   - others? hedge funds etc

~Half the people would choose to live in Trump's "potriot" Redland,
the other half wish to live in the coastal elites "liberal" Blueland.

The bankers wanted to use the present turmoil to lock in a new century
of debt serfdom, but the deplorables are uniting behind the idea of
Trumpism/ populism/ Tuckerism - if Trump were to be JFKed, we've still
got David Duke, Alex Jones, and now thousands of energized "patriot"
type folks - we are grateful for the uniting and energizing force that
Trump has been and is, but we shall continue on our path regardless, in
righteousness and solid principles (so far as folk can hold principles
within their consciousness).

Here's why this particular transition has a hope of success:
   The consolation "prize" for the bankers is that they finally get an
   excuse for a debt jubilee, since "the people demanded secession, so
   we're sorry but there's nothing we can do but wipe out the old debt".

Humans don't like to be blamed for anything, and on this count at least,
the bankers are also human, so absolving them of the consequence of
being blamed for the USD debt jubilee should have some appeal to them.

(USD reset is implicit in secession.)

But the bankers will fight to the last to maintain their debt over us,
so every man must beware and understand these principles:

 - we admit no debt from the past - the Federal Reserve was, and
   remains, unlawful

 - we shall accept NO indebtedness to anyone but ourselves, just like
   Australia prior to Bretton Woods (we Ozzies were at that point in
   time not compromised, and responsible, which is why we were the only
   ally to emerge from WWII with precisely ZERO debt :D

   We were shortly thereafter sold out at Bretton Woods :(

   Your secessionist state can do exactly the same thing and be equally
   wealthy - assuming your people are willing to work to make that

So in this possibility there shall be the red Heartland, and say 2
coastal "vertical strips" (simplistic: or rather many smaller states
which may, according to their will, federate as they so choose).

The coasts shall be inhabited by the AOCs ("End lockdown to go back to
work? We are NOT going back to that!") and the Bidens of the world ("I'm
so SICK of smart people!") and as a result, as Anglin correctly points
out, many Liberals are "too stupid to understand that we’re where the
money comes from" and will therefore become our client states in a
couple short decades:

   The Fix is In – Biden Now “Ahead” in Pennsylvania and Georgia
    … Liberals will also see that if we give up our Congresspeople, that
    they will be in a better position to enact their utopia. So there is
    a possibility that many of them will be too stupid to understand
    that we’re where the money comes from, and begin to support our
    agenda on their side.

   How many folks would immigrate to a country where
   an entry criteria includes a minimum IQ,
   and a willingness to work - no social $afety net?

Such may well be on the cards... prepare yourself accordingly.

Remember that back in 2016 that Texas secessionsts were only narrowly

   Majority of Texan Trump Supporters Want Secession from USA if Hillary
   is Elected
    … A new poll from the Cultural Marxist Public Policy Foundation says
    that three out of five Texan Trump supporters support secession if
    Hillary wins.
    … The political platform fell just two votes shy of going to the
    convention floor of nearly 4,000 delegates.

There is plenty of material:

   Secessionist Movements Rising
      … “The State of Jefferson, as originally envisioned, would be the
      same size as, say, New Mexico,” said Geri Byrne, Chairman of the
      Modoc County Board of Supervisors, which passed a resolution in
      September to leave California and help form the State of
      Jefferson. “It would be, like, the 44th largest state, and the
      44th largest by population, too.”

      A newspaper poll in Siskiyou County next door showed overwhelming
      support after that county’s board also voted to leave California:
      66 percent for secession, 22 percent against, 11 percent not sure.

      And it turns out that breaking away from one state to form a new
      one is as old as the United States, beginning in 1776 when the
      colony of Delaware broke from Pennsylvania. Maine was once part of
      Massachusetts. West Virginia and Kentucky were once part of
      Virginia, and Tennessee was a breakaway from North Carolina.
    … I’ve even started to notice that there are now usually only two
    flags that are waved at any shitlib rally: the rainbow flag and the
    local city flag.
    You won’t see the American flag anymore.

    The American flag has become the flag of the working class White
    Supremacists who don’t live within walking distance of a Whole Foods
    or a craft brewery. Having an American flag in a shitlib locale like
    California is not only an affront to the Mexicans, but to the White
    shitlibs there as well.

    Seems to me that the Left is drifting in the direction of
    secessionism, which is an interesting development.
    Most importantly: these people clearly no longer identify as

   31.6% of Latinos Open to Seceding from United States
    … Among Latinos, 31.6% are open to seceding from the United States.
    What is even more shocking is only 43.3% are opposed. The rest are
    … Yes, we do have backup plans.
    We pray the president declares martial law, and if that doesn’t
    happen, we are pushing for secession.
    … if we don’t get our win in the court, we don’t get martial law –
    then the energy of these protests will be judo-chopped straight into
    a call for secession!
    Joe Biden is not the president! He will not rule us!

   Illinois to Secede? Red State Wants Nothing to Do with Chicago!
    … The state is violently rejecting a city and trying to eject it
    from its body like a malignant cancer or a hairball or something.

Remember, the Trump movement shall segue into secession if other
routes fail:

   Do Not Despair, Brothers – The Only Path Before Us is Total Victory!

If you're a low IQ person but have other redeeming qualities, and you
are concerned about this possible form of a grand reset, well:

 - you should be concerned

 - especially about an imminent end to "socialized" welfare

 - what you CAN do is get working, volunteering on farms etc
   i.e., make yourself in some way useful

The bifurcation of humans shall be sped up with the decriminalization
of all drugs as those who are weak of flesh shall to a degree, devolve
and be templated, like the ant has been templated into a handful of
species ...

... for a few billion years now.

(Let -that- one sink in.)

Other humans - the rare ones - those who don't template themselves and
who manage to rise, shall rise as they tune their consciousness aerial,
and they shall in the future explore the stars.

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