I've been talking to USG LEO's

professor rat pro2rat at yahoo.com.au
Mon Nov 9 19:14:15 PST 2020

I've been talking to them every year since 2009.  My message is very clear. I want youse to SURRENDER to the 
internet in the following way. 1) Liberate all the Drug War prisoners - state and federal.
2) Revive the PAM FutureMAP market site from 2003 - that can then handle the defeat-in-detail arrangements.
3) Pissed off at the slow response, I added the following demand a couple of years ago. Use the term " APster ' when you announce these changes.
SURRENDER DOROTHY #Denning  The American century was over by 2005 and anarchy won.
Hasta luego, Uncle Scam.
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