How Do We Escape Computer Controlled Propaganda Flow

\0xDynamite dreamingforward at
Mon Nov 9 14:36:14 PST 2020

> > Really?  I know how to find philes I want -- if I need them.  Do you?
>         what files are you talking about?  the_bible.pdf?

Lolz, that one's legal to copy, for the most part.  Why did you make a
personal attack?  Are you unable to use reason alone?

> > >         This is the cypherpunks mailing list? Weren't cypherpunks advocates of anonimity or something?
> >
> > Geez man, can't you pick up on it when someone's trying to teach you something?
> >
> > Anonymity and accountability are two contrary aims.  If you want one,
> > you don't get the other.  Get it?
>         dude. What do you think you're teaching me, exactly? *I* pointed out *first* that 'accountable' voting and anonimity are at odds. Learn 2 read.

Regardless of your anarchist philosophy, you seek leaders.  Perhaps
because deep in your DNA you know these questions were already
answered.  So, if you have leaders, you'll want accountability.

> > No, contrary to your anarcho-punk philosophy, all power is not held in
> > politics.  Much of the hardware is controlled by base economic forces
> > of simply wanting to get money.
>         all of the hardware is manufactured by corporations that are just arms of the government. So like I said, at the root there's only political power.

Corps are not just arms of the government, unless you want to talk
about octopus-type arms of the all-seeing-eye.  In the octopus, each
arm is an individual and acts separately, but they share at least some
common desire or core.  It could be survival in the case of America,
at this point.

> > Snowden is a sheep in whistleblower clothing -- his "knowledge" of seekrit powers in tech devices is  bullshit.
>         not sure how snowden got into the picture? Oh sorry yeah. You're ranting.

You're not sure.  That's a good start.

> > You've fallen under it because you don't have mastery of the tech.
>         wut

The response of the nubile who's been caught, wanting to know how I
can know something that you never revealed.

> > Get a degree and become a real expert or learn by yourself by following paths online
>         what do you want me to learn, exactly?

Some real computer science, or at least some programming, maybe math.

> > simply be respectful to other people who HAVE done this work
>         LMAO! What 'work' are you talking about

Mastering the tech that you say is controlled by governments, duh.

> > Until then, you're just a loudmouth.
>         a jew-fascist like you shouldn't badmouth his betters. Your knowledge of political philosophy is a lot worse than non-existent. Your knowledge of 'tech' is prolly just as bad.

You're just being a loudmouth.  Either have some real Truth, skills,
or try somewhere else than cypherpunks to get relevance.

> > Cryptography by itself *has* gotten us nowhere, because nothing we  REALLY wanted to do required going against the law.
>         what 'law' are you talking about here?
> > And what is it  that we REALLY want to do?  (hmm, free society, creative culture,
> > radical love)
>         those things are obviously against all government laws. So which law is this law you mentioned?

Tell me, punk, is the law more powerful than Man?


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