How Do We Escape Computer Controlled Propaganda Flow

Punk-BatSoup-Stasi 2.0 punks at
Mon Nov 9 13:52:06 PST 2020

On Mon, 9 Nov 2020 14:10:44 -0600
"\\0xDynamite" <dreamingforward at> wrote:

> > > >         how will your 'underground' network help you when the US-jew-kristian stasi kicks down your door?
> > >
> > > There's something wrong in your logic, Stasi:  Why haven't they done
> > > so already, when I'm not even hiding?
> >
> >         Because you're a fully compliant, cookie-cutter slave.
> Really?  I know how to find philes I want -- if I need them.  Do you?

	what files are you talking about?  the_bible.pdf? 

> >         This is the cypherpunks mailing list? Weren't cypherpunks advocates of anonimity or something?  
> Geez man, can't you pick up on it when someone's trying to teach you something?
> Anonymity and accountability are two contrary aims.  If you want one,
> you don't get the other.  Get it?

	dude. What do you think you're teaching me, exactly? *I* pointed out *first* that 'accountable' voting and anonimity are at odds. Learn 2 read.

> No, contrary to your anarcho-punk philosophy, all power is not held in
> politics.  Much of the hardware is controlled by base economic forces
> of simply wanting to get money.

	all of the hardware is manufactured by corporations that are just arms of the government. So like I said, at the root there's only political power. 

> Snowden is a sheep in whistleblower clothing -- his "knowledge" of seekrit powers in tech devices is  bullshit.	

	not sure how snowden got into the picture? Oh sorry yeah. You're ranting. 

> You've fallen under it because you don't have mastery of the tech. 


> Get a degree and become a real expert or learn by yourself by following paths online

	what do you want me to learn, exactly? 

> simply be respectful to other people who HAVE done this work 

	LMAO! What 'work' are you talking about

> Until then, you're just a loudmouth.

	a jew-fascist like you shouldn't badmouth his betters. Your knowledge of political philosophy is a lot worse than non-existent. Your knowledge of 'tech' is prolly just as bad. 

> Cryptography by itself *has* gotten us nowhere, because nothing we  REALLY wanted to do required going against the law.  

	what 'law' are you talking about here? 

> And what is it  that we REALLY want to do?  (hmm, free society, creative culture,
> radical love)

	those things are obviously against all government laws. So which law is this law you mentioned?

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