USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Fri Nov 6 02:34:56 PST 2020

> There's still opportunity for faithless electors

Faithless Electors work just like Jury Nullification,
useful in cases where lists of frauds, unresolveable
election questions, etc could be seen as having
unfairly influenced an election.
Faithless Electors can act from any State, not
just swing or problem States.

The original Electoral College system created by the framers of the
Constitution failed to anticipate the growth of political parties.
By 1796, the first contested election after George Washington's
retirement, the system exploded in disarray, with two consecutive
Electoral College "fiascos."

"Republicans controlled 29 out of 50 State Legislatures. This
is significant because State Legislatures are responsible for
deciding the Slate of Electors to the Electoral College."

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