UPDATED: The constitutional basis of jurisdiction for the national guard to impose presence at elections -- USA Coup yet to be averted.

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Thu Nov 5 10:09:51 PST 2020

The constitutional basis of jurisdiction for the national guard to
impose presence at elections.

The federation republic requires and relies upon, integrity of election.

Without election integrity, the federal republic is fundamentally
undermined, in its existence, in its interity, in its very essence.

Election by the people is the fundemental event which creates the
federal republic.

Here's the thing:  The states have no exlusive jurisdiction over votes
or over vote counting.

The people are inherently vested with some federal jurisdiction.
Indeed they are the fundamental sovereignty giving rise to all
political institutions and entities, which cannot exist without the
vote of the people, and may not operate even in the minutest except
with that jurisdiction granted by the people who are, who be, and who
remain the ultimate sovereigns.

Put in the first person: without our individual and collective
authority, no political entity lewfully exists:

 - not the state
 - not local councils
 - not burroughs
 - not the federation, the federal republic
 - not any polling "authority"

In this specific context of voting, and vote counting, and vote count
monitoring, each individual human is a higher authority than any local
"election official" who acts fundamentally illegally, and or
immorally, and or without historical precedent and in particular when
s/he acts against the interests of:

 - the voter
 - the state
 - the federal republic
 - any other entity arising (any organ of any government)

If a standing army or militia means anything at all (and it certainly
does) then it is one particular form of the collective authority of
the people.

Learn to EXERCISE THAT AUTHORITY people - not as an individual, not as
vigilante, but calmly, peacefully and collectively as that righteous
and upstanding authority which brings despotism to heel, which brings
forth the actual, lived (now) authority of the people!

Do it!

Get in comm with others.  Live your right to bring integrity to your election.

Without integrity in your election, your republic is lost, despotism
shall reign.

Similarly to the standing army of the people, also the Sheriffs in
their own right, and the National Guard in their own right, each have
similar authority to right wrongs, to bring forth integrity in a vote,
election, vote count, etc.

Bearing arms is more than owning arms.  It is like baring /bearing teeth.

There is a time and place to live certain rights, now is that time, so
send this to the people you know who need to hear it.

Without the people, there is not even a constitution.

Iy you, we, the people, need to, we can do just about anything.

We are the original sovereignty, the original authority, and the
original voice after our maker - so USE IT!

You can (with others) ANNUL certain votes/ elections due to true
(factual) and righteous grounds.

Figure it out.  Make it happen.

Your president asked you to stand back and stand by, and to protect
your great second amendment.  Is now the moment to stand forth with
others and help bring justice and righteousness to this earth?

Only YOU can answer that question.

You don't have much time left, but you do have enough time (you can
annul, re-run elections, declare vote dumps illegal etc - just do it
with others to be safe, and to be effective!

Good luck people, your nation is at stake and it looks from Australia
that your president needs you NOW.

On Thu, Nov 05, 2020 at 10:21:55PM +1100, Zenaan Harkness wrote:
> Detroit:
>    Insane video from the TCF Center in downtown Detroit
>    https://notthebee.com/article/insane-video-from-the-tcf-center-in-downtown-detroit
> where the ballons are being counted and all Republican "integrity/ vote count watchers", whenever they leave for the bathroom, are not allowed back in afterwards.
> Such behaviour by the DemonRats is strongly indicative of fraudulent behaviour.
> When such flagrant anti-integrity actions occur, how can this be remotely accordant with constitutional principles?
> Is such action(s) sufficient grounds to send in armed escorts of some sort, to ensure the Republican vote count watchers are able to watch the vote counting?
> At what point are each of the armed branches of the federal and states, with authority to "ensure election integrity" in the USA?
> Good luck and pray,

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