USA 2020 Elections: Thread

grarpamp grarpamp at
Thu Nov 5 01:44:59 PST 2020

Frauds list why Trump is the true winner, among others...

- Four years of Russia Hoax, now false.
- One year of bogus Impeachment, not guilty.
- Mass Broadcast, Print, Big Tech Social Media Bias and Censorship.
- Biased debate moderators and commissions.
- #LaptopFromHell China/Ukraine Biden and family compromised
 both on natsec and personal levels, corroborated by two other
 sources and DKIM.
- "Vote Early by Mail!"... Biden started screaming this when
 he knew the laptop was coming out and going public, tricking
 voters into casting irrevocable votes, a giant fraud on the
 entire voting public.
- "Vote Early by Mail!"... Biden screaming this with knowledge
 of Bias in mail-in voting due to Big City Democrats happily
 implementing more lockdowns on more millions of people than
 vs smaller that weren't locked down much, thus FUD funneling
 entire megacities of otherwise likely Trump voters into Biden's
 early and irrevocable vote Democrat trap.
- "Vote Early by Mail!"... Biden screaming this in order to
 trap votes prior to last debates and appearances that would
 end up exposing more of his lies and weaknesses and losing
 voters, as the Internet was already beginning to do and demand,
 ultimately resulting in Jumbotron exposes.
- "Vote Early by Mail!"... Biden screaming this in order to
 trap votes because the people and opinion were starting to
 revolt against lockdowns and move to Trump as a result.
- Biden-Kamala have zero executive experience.
- Biden spent 2x the money to get the same 50% vote split,
 this means Dems are 2x as bad and opposed regarding what
 America wants, but are corrupt enough to pull in 2x the money
 to outsell their badness to sheeple.
- Biden is geriatric physically and mentally unfit for office
 term with parkinsons and alzheimers, cannot spend a full day
 awake working and functional without constant handlers, cannot
 fend off political influence over him, etc... will ride off
 on Trojan Horse via 25th Amendment to Kamala and insane Left
 Squad before term ends, and will be sleeping and hiding instead
 of making appearances and work at home or abroad.
- Corona... the economy, freedom, etc prior to the hardly at
 fault happenstance of Corona.
- Corona... job and economy destroying lockdowns, millions
 with nothing to do but become pathetic SJW's seeking free shit
 joining Antifa-BLM to protest the Democrat Big Inner City Cop
 Training Program the Democrats themselves wrote and control.
 States and cities install or end lockdowns, not Presidents.
 Big Democrat cities and states locked down more than small / Rep.
- Turnout... Trump pulled 2-5 events per day at 5k-50k each
 while Biden couldn't pull even 5k total across all events.

There's still opportunity for faithless electors and other
mechanisms to weigh in before the Left can turn America
even more Socialist, over to Globalists, etc.

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