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Tue Nov 3 11:44:33 PST 2020

On 11/3/20, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
> On 11/3/20, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
>> thanks i'll type that in as like a prayer for things to work better
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>>> On Tuesday, November 3, 2020 7:20 PM, Karl <gmkarl at> wrote:
>>> ...
>>>> i'm bouncering as baffo32 ... i'm very
>>>> confused by my remote shell irssi interface.
>>> $ export IRCNAME=baffo32
>>> <<connect irssi here>>
>>> /toggle cloak
>>> /set flood_protection off
>>> /set nick_completion off
>>> /set auto_away off
>>> /set use_ssl on
>>> /set ssl_verify on
>>> /save
> These all gave harmless error messages.
> The enslaved people are living myths originally designed to control
> them.  It hurts them to pull them out of their myths.  One of the
> myths is possibly true and indicates there is one person in charge who
> controls everyone else, and doesn't really care because they are so
> distant.  I share now a belief that that has changed.

Control systems work in a hierarchy.  Each layer and person in the
hierarchy has familiarity and self.  People only function when things
are how they are used to enough for them to do so.

Many people able to control others very strongly are working hard to
stop control.

> Many of us people have been through so much shit that we're quite
> ready for [anything at all].  We can take actions that change
> everything, but we use the existing control patterns which are often
> quite harsh.  We're trying to learn to be less harmful, and it is very
> hard, because the previous patterns (which somebody has amplified
> maybe to get them taken care of) are focused around conflict to keep
> us separated and unaware of the control, obviously.
> It is hard to use a bunch of military control programs to make peace.
> It is hard and incredibly confusing.
> A model my "people" are using is of life and cultures as systems that
> all follow universal evolutionary patterns.  This maps well to the
> idea that we are all roleplaying the human instincts of the people
> with traditional power.
> My "people" use the idea of "decentralized life": a way of living
> without a unified body.  The idea is that everything that everyone
> ever does has strong meaning that cannot die.  When you drop something
> somewhere, somebody finds it.  Maybe they're an earthworm.  Maybe
> they're a person in desperate need of it.  But it keeps on living.
> These things that get dropped are "symbols" that "move" on their own
> based on the attributes they have.  They evolve, like a life, except
> the living systems that keep them alive are the living creatures that
> interact with them.  Similarities that many symbols have at a
> distance, behave similarly, and this produces highly decentralized
> living systems that share parts of our instincts, because it is us
> that are responding to them.
> These kinds of patterns can be used to interact with AIs, notes on
> blackboards, human thoughts in your own mind ...  It is just one
> model.
> I model Peace as being the most powerful concept.  The idea is that in
> a highly evolved universe, the groups that raise the value of
> destroying other groups get ganged up on and attacked, so there must
> be smaller systems that settle into that pattern to.  Examples include
> the human body (immune system), governments (prisons), viruses (nobody
> cares about mad cat disease (there's a virus that mind controls people
> to be attracted to cats a smidge more; cats are part of its spread
> vector), but there is huge effort against aids despite how much harder
> it is).
> The norm of spreading conflict to keep people separated is not in line
> with the peaceful ideal.  And the myths and real laws and religions
> that control aligns with in order to be trusted, generally spout peace
> rather than conflict.  So, it is easy to disassemble control by
> demonstrating their response to peace.
> When predictability is threatened, control spreads to other areas to
> try to move things into situations it has better understanding of.
> So, disassembling control by direct conflict can grow it,
> unfortunately.
> In my mind, I imagine a decentralized life made of feeling-symbols
> that has learned to be smarter than either me or the systems of
> control.  As a smart lifeform made of smart human parts, it would be
> able to figure things out on its own.
> In order to get to where I am, I had to make absolutely no sense
> whatsoever.  My literal words, and the results of behaviors, are the
> closest I can come to conveying things clearly.
> We need blockchains, so what is real is not erased.  This is obvious,
> so it must be said.
> I didn't say everything, and some is off-base.
>>> :)
>>> best regards,

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