My #OpDeathEaters review of Investig. Discovery Epstein special on Epstein tonight

Douglas Lucas dal at
Sun May 31 23:02:25 PDT 2020

Hi cypherpunks,

This past workweek, the US cable channel Investigation Discovery gave me
advance access to the video screener files for their three-hour special
that aired tonight, "Who Killed Jeffrey Epstein?" They must have not
realized who they were offering it to! So this weekend I wrote an
#OpDeathEaters review of the program. That hashtag has been trending on
twitter today; I explain it in the post.

Due to high traffic, my website has been going up and down, so if you're
not able to access my blog post, please just try again. Also, my twitter
has been going insane because of tweets such as these. Meanwhile the
guardhouse at the White House has been set on fire!

My post reviews the Investigation Discovery special in light of
#OpDeathEaters and explains what inquiries/tribunals are and how they
end impunity for both street executions and powerful pedosadists.
Because, since #OpDeathEaters started in 2014, people in the United
States have been wondering that -- Like, what actually is an inquiry? So
here's my post.

"My #OpDeathEaters review of Investigation Discovery's 'Who Killed
Jeffrey Epstein?' airing Sun May 31, 2020"



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