US Protesters Storm Torch Police Buildings, Cops Flee, George Floyd Murdered in Minneapolis, Umbrella Men, Antifa

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Fri May 29 20:22:54 PDT 2020

Random live feeds as US weekend erupts...  5th precinct under siege tonight

CNN HQ Atlanta under assault, NYPD precinct attacked, etc...
As night falls, rioters have attacked and overrun the 88th precinct in
Brooklyn, resulting in a level 3 mobilization, which requires all
special units respond and four cars from every command in the city to
location. The 84th precincts is under siege, as well. Also, Brooklyn
North. TRT   WAC  WAM People lay siege on 3rd
precinct police building Summary Pandemic Pressure + Police
State Abuse = ???

Top Secret Umbrella Men Spark Violence... 2020 2020 2020 2019 1967 1967

Businesses and Homes are inappropriate action when protest is against
the State. The State will try to divide you against each other.

As night fell in Minneapolis on May 28, fires were lit in buildings
surrounding the 3rd Precinct on two sides, and fire alarms were going
off inside the building. Police used tear gas against protesters as
the temporary fence surrounding the building was torn down. The Third
Precinct building was later overrun by protestors while police
evacuated. The protesters then set the building on fire.

George Floyd murdered...

Floyd attempted to use a $20 bill that a staff member identified as
counterfeit. He had recently lost his job at the time of his death due
to Minnesota's stay-at-home order during the COVID-19 pandemic. Police
contradicted by all video evidence thus far released of the encounter.
Chauvin knelt on Floyd's neck for four minutes after Floyd stopped
moving ... Floyd was found pulseless
Paramedics. He was pronounced dead.

A second bystander video, taken from inside a vehicle, shows Floyd
being removed from his vehicle. Vice describes that Floyd "doesn't
appear to be resisting – just standing next to his car".[49][50] The
Independent wrote: "The video shows two policemen pulling Mr. Floyd
from his car without any apparent resistance."[51]

A six-minute video from a security camera of a nearby restaurant was
provided to the news media. It shows two officers removing a man from
a vehicle. The man is handcuffed and brought to a sidewalk, where he
sits down. A third officer arrives. Later, an officer helps the man
stand up again, and two officers bring the man to a police vehicle,
where the man falls onto the ground.[52] While police initially
claimed that Floyd had resisted arrest, this surveillance video "shows
officers calmly detaining him", according to CBS News.[53] The
surveillance video "does not support police claims that George Floyd
resisted arrest", wrote CNN.[54]

A video of the incident from a different angle showed "three officers
have Floyd pinned on the ground, while another stands over him",
reported CBS Evening News.[47] The Wall Street Journal described it as
"three officers are seen sitting on" Floyd.[55]

The local police union expressed support of the officers.

Shortly after 5 am. CT (6 a.m. ET), CNN reporter Omar Jimenez, along
with several crew members, were arrested by police while conducting a
live television report covering the protests. Police reportedly told
the crew that they were being detained because they were not following
instructions to move; however, live television coverage proved
otherwise.[85] CNN released a statement saying the crew were doing
their jobs correctly and therefore the arrests were a clear violation
of First Amendment rights.[86]

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