While India begins to protect her own, Australian traitors jam the knife in - China Is Its Own Worst Enemy - [PEACE]

Zenaan Harkness zen at freedbms.net
Wed May 27 04:12:15 PDT 2020

India has a "new rule requiring prior government approval of any investment from China is the first of its kind":

   China Is Its Own Worst Enemy

, Australian traitors like Victoria's premier the purportedly "honourable" Daniel Andrews, jam the knife in the back of our national sovereignty in fealty to China:

   Meet the glamorous Chinese businesswoman, 33, who played a key role in Victoria signing a controversial deal with Beijing - as she boasts about her 'influence' on top politicians
     26 May 2020
       - Daniel Andrews signed Victoria up to controversial Belt and Road Initiative 
       - Chinese scheme gives infrastructure loans and investment as a soft power play 
       - Jean Dong, 33, is emerging as a key player in the unfolding political stoush 
       - She is the chief executive of Australia-China Belt and Road Initiative company 

   Daniel Andrews signs new infrastructure, trade agreement with China

With "leaders" like Daniel Andrews, we have no need of enemies, since the clandestine column is within, right near the top!

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