grounds for censorship - Morticians are never compromised, autopsies are always perfectly true

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Wed May 27 03:35:48 PDT 2020

[From the Streissand department of always ignoring what someone you don't like says.]

So it's really, really important to know that morticians never ever compromise their ethics (I mean, dead people are the most important people in the world, so no one would EVER consider, let alone actually do, a dodgy autopsy report) and, so, absolutely ALL autopsies are bonafide, +1 thumbs up, absolutely correct in every detail!

Do NOT forget this truth - autopsies are always always true and correct and are never ever faked or doctored.  The motivation and money bribes available by the rich and powerful to bribe a mortician has simply never made in through the squeaky clean doors of simply ALL morticians ever, so do not even consider the possibility that such abominable practices could ever happen!

Squeakity squeak ...

   Trump Doubles Down As Widower, Media Demand "Inhumane" Scarborough Murder Tweets Be Deleted

      .. Klausutis's cause was taken up by Recode editor and New York Times opinion writer Kara Swisher, once considered "the dean of tech journalism". Swisher has long been a proponent of increasing censorship across social media platforms, and her latest piece urging twitter to finally 'do something' about its most 'problematic' user' reads like just another hypersensitive, overblown piece of clickbait trash, with Swisher describing Trump's tweets as "inhumane" - yes, she used that word - as if he had signed off on the napalming of a small village in Vietnam, instead of firing off a handful of tweets, which would have only been seen by a small fraction of his 80 million users if 'reporters' like Swisher hadn't chosen to write about it.

      Trump offered a defense of his tweets Tuesday morning.

          ....about whether or not Joe could have done such a horrible thing? Maybe or maybe not, but I find Joe to be a total Nut Job, and I knew him well, far better than most. So many unanswered & obvious questions, but I won’t bring them up now! Law enforcement eventually will?

              — Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) May 26, 2020

      .. Update (1120ET): Less than an hour after we posted our previous update to this post, Swisher popped up on CNBC, wearing her trademark dark sunglasses
      .. Then she launched into her argument, .. Twitter is a private, not a public, platform, therefore, it has an obligation to remove "offensive" content. Responding to the argument that Trump's tweets are inherently newsworthy, Swisher argued that there was nothing 'newsworthy' about Trump's tweets (they took one of Bolsonaro's tweets down, she protested).

      .. As a potential solution, Swisher said Twitter should consider adopting a "content board" to review controversial tweets.

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