Cryptocurrency: -- The New Social Contract

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> > > For those who like to play a different game in the private sector, a product fit to them will be supplied.
> > > If you only tolerate Free software is fine, your choice. For me being open to what exist is essential for survival and rise.
> > 
> > 	Yes, I think free software is far superior to anything else. But that's not because I'm a commie like stallman.
> For the record, Richard Stallman is very pro commercial software, making money from your software development, etc - in fact this is fundamental since his very beginning of the "modern" Free Software movement over 30 years ago.

	stallman is a commie because of his views on the state

	though to be more accurate, his variety of national US communism is commonly referred as fascism.

	"we need a state to do many important things. We need a state for: defending the nation"

> A lot of people misunderstand this.
> Stallman says "make as much money as you can from free software, just make sure it's free software".

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