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> > > 1.- I am making a living with this project.
> > > 2.- Whoever is paying me he does it to get it conducted to businesses, which is fine to me, is not happy with free software, and I respect it.
> >
> > Ok, so now we just learned that you are developing a commercial product.
> >
> like, e.g. Qt, MySQL or RedHat GNU/Linux. I promote the free software side of it. And also the Business side of it, because I am entrepreneur.

	That's not the point. The point is that you mentioned it just NOW.

> For those who like to play a different game in the private sector, a product fit to them will be supplied.
> If you only tolerate Free software is fine, your choice. For me being open to what exist is essential for survival and rise.

	Yes, I think free software is far superior to anything else. But that's not because I'm a commie like stallman. Au contraire, I'm as anti-commie as it gets so I don't think other people have any right to run 'their' software on my computer. 

	Likewise, being anti-commie means I have no love for the current 'private' sector since the current 'private' sector is an arm of the state (and vice versa...)


> >
> > > 4.- As soon as I get funding to create the "open-source" branch I will, as a free software enthusiast, start the community. But not before, do I don't upset the man who is making it possible to develop the system. Who is aware since the beginning of the intention, but kindly asked me to wait to release the sources until the product is more mature, giving him time to sell it as a privative platform based on licences.
> >
> > this 'thing' can be used for 'public governments' or whatever half-backed political idea you promote, and it can be also used by the (fascist) private sector...
> Yes because literally this is anonymous system where anyone is alloed to participate without asking for permission, by design (aside from implementation complications like Tor defects).
> This cannot be a reason to criticize the tech.

	It's a general comment. Given the outright fascist nature of the 'private' sector and the way they use computers I do wonder what sort of advantage your software can give to them.

	I mean, take bitcoin for instance. It's highly unlike that the 'private' banking sector would be interested in something like bitcoin since it takes away their power to counterfeit money. In general, I'd expect that the kind of software that cpunks like is the kind of sofware that the 'private' sector, aka govcorp, doesn't like. 

> The consensus is based on BFT. 


>It preserves no history and a 51% attack is possible during the time the network is small. That's the public system, a multi-coin account where the definition of a coin is not a chain of signatures but a utxo set, where an utxo is a Bitcoin word, 

	what's a bitcoin word? 

>I call it boxes because files or typed information can be also stored in every account. 

	I'm having trouble understanding what the basic functionality of the system is. You can put 'bitcoin words'(??) or files in some kind of 'account'? In the case of files, where are the files actually stored? 	

>Nodes also run a wallet with P2P protocols to trade among them in what I call the pricate system. Both system (the public, the private) form a closed ecosystem designed to maximize transactions, thus a system that can be used to run an aggregation of microeconomies, eventually the world-wide economy.

	what's that supposed to mean, "run an aggregation"? And it's way too grandiose anyway -  The world economy...?

> That's an overview and a final note on the vision.

	Yeah, but you gave little information regarding the actual protocol. 	

	quote from another post :

	"I have for many years or decades a thread running underneath about replacing governemnts by low cost machines changing the way society organizes, making everyone involved (I mean 3rd world) and rising their and our lifestyle" 

	That raises a few red flags...

	As it should be well known in this list, governments are criminal organizations. So what does it mean to replace criminal organizations with 'low cost machines'??

	What do you think the "3rd world" is exactly? I take it you don't live in the "3rd world"? So you're a subject of the "1st world" who is planning to 'fix' the "3rd world"? Or...? 

	So again, as far as I'm concerned, both your political views and your un-specified protocol are...unappealing at best. 

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