Shame on trolls

John Young jya at
Tue May 26 15:53:31 PDT 2020

My comment was not aimed at you, a number of folks have posted 
requests to enlist supporters, researchers, funders, for their 
projects. A few have repeated the tequests for many months, became 
irate and accusatory at lack of response. Might wonder if the aim 
is/was to grab free work, or proselitize for an ideology, overcome 
loneliness and isolation, front for others, or to just fuck with 
somebody. All these have been happening on cpunks since its earliest 
days. Lack of moderation allows that abuse or promise. Promises have 
sometimes come true. Moderation never delivers on promises, usually 
suppresses them as off-topic or calling them trolls..

At 06:35 PM 5/26/2020, you wrote:

>>It's notable that your software is closed source, and I really 
>>understand open source as what is expected to be supported on this list.
>>But Punk-Stasi was "flaming" you and you don't need to listen to 
>>that.  People aren't censored here.  That means random criticism 
>>comes through.  Do you need help setting up filters?
>Nah, one thing is criticism and other is a guy calling you 
>repeatedly a scammer when you are showing up your work. That is not 
>precisely good taste.
>the source code is GPL, but I haven't published it yet, that's all.
>Is in the roadmap. For reasons it will be released before 1.0
>>On Tue, May 26, 2020 at 10:06 AM other.arkitech 
>><<mailto:other.arkitech at>other.arkitech at> wrote:
>>Dear readers,
>>My intention is to respond to a public attack against my honesty 
>>and the legitimacy of my proposal.
>>I am pretty annoyed for the behavior of this individual in the list 
>>towards the system I am presenting here.
>>I don't know anything about him or her or whether they are a group 
>>of gansters operating the same moniker.
>>The only thing I know is that they are pushing my project USPS is a 
>>SCAM and thus I am a SCAMMER, or the other way around.
>>I call to everyone willing to read the landing page of my project, 
>>which I provide a pdf attached,
>>and, from it and the ideas grasped in this list, manifest IF it 
>>could be deduced that this is a scam, or looks like. Please manifest.
>>Otherwise, everyone undermining legitimate and respectable projects 
>>run by others, in any stage of development, on any stage in their 
>>roadmap, with counter positive and public undermining attitude.
>>Those should be IMHO punished with public ashame until an apology 
>>is published by, in this case, PunkStasi.
>>I leave it this way,
>>Please, anyone, let me know reasons for which this email is WRONG 
>>or/and RIGHT.
>>Other Arkitech
>>The project this subject airs as a scam: 

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