Cryptocurrency: -- The New Social Contract

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Tue May 26 14:33:28 PDT 2020

On Tue, 26 May 2020 20:01:31 +0000
"other.arkitech" <other.arkitech at> wrote:

> 1.- I am making a living with this project.
> 2.- Whoever is paying me he does it to get it conducted to businesses, which is fine to me, is not happy with free software, and I respect it.

	Ok, so now we just learned that you are developing a commercial product. 

> 3.- In the business, privative world, it is normal to exchange NDA's. That's a given.

	So called NDAs are based on the flawed concept of 'intellectual property' and so they are invalid and unenforceable. I pointed this out in the past. You of course ignored it. 

> 4.- As soon as I get funding to create the "open-source" branch I will, as a free software enthusiast, start the community. But not before, do I don't upset the man who is making it possible to develop the system. Who is aware since the beginning of the intention, but kindly asked me to wait to release the sources until the product is more mature, giving him time to sell it as a privative platform based on licences. this 'thing' can be used for 'public governments' or whatever half-backed political idea you promote, and it can be also used by the (fascist) private sector...

> That's contextual to help understand.
> So to me is fine both worlds and they will co-exist.

> Now, if you don't like, I would kindly ask you to just manifest that you don't like it. But don't cross the line of being a gentleman because it does not help neither me nor to you.

	I can't cross that line because I've never been a gentleman...

> I suggest you to change your prejudices you invented about my product, and start either just ignoring with respect or looking at it as an opportunity to learn about new approaches to cryptocurrencies.

	So, you kindly give me two options. Either I agree with you, or I shut up. You don't happen to see any problem with such a 'deal'? 

	Anyway, I'll say it one more time. If you're developing some 'new system', the very first thing you have to do is explain how it works. If you want to keep the workings secret, then I don't think people here will take you too seriously. 

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