[liberationtech] What could we at Liberationtech do to help pro-democracy HK activists protest China's new security law?

grarpamp grarpamp at gmail.com
Tue May 26 03:32:27 PDT 2020

> What could we ... do to help pro-democracy ... activists
> ...
> do things that have not been done in the past.

Stop teaching them that they can somehow break free from whatever
shithole government they're under now by claiming democracy is
some magical font of freedom worth aspiring to. It's not, at all. It's just
another form of same slavery, force, murder, trickery, theft, war,
false authority...
Spread out, infused, diluted, harder to see and kill than their
average dictator,
by design... a ruse, a ploy, a trap for confusing the sheeple. And it worked.
"B-ah-ah-ah" they all said, "oh please give us that" they begged, while
scrambling over each other in queues hundreds deep to cast discard
their own fates down some worthless memehole in a box... a final act
of spiritual suicide transformed into one of joy by the programming
of the wolves that still rule over all of them.

Regarding "government", there is only one thing that hasn't been
done in the past.

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